Palm Oil and its derivatives have for several decades played a significant role in animal nutrition both for cattle and for mono-gastrics such as poultry.

Fractionated fats derived from palm oil can be significant sources of dietary fat for both ruminants and mono gastric. Palm Kernel Expeller or Meal is also a very useful economical source of energy and protein.

The animal feed products we can offer include:

  • Palm Kernel Expeller
  • Tristar 100, Feed Fats for Dairy Cattle
  • Tristar 300 Feed Fats for Mono Gastric, lecithin enhanced

Palm Kernel Expeller Meal

Palm Kernel Expeller Meal is a by-product of extracting Oil from the Palm Kernel, it is in an excellent source of both protein and energy.

Tristar 100, Rumen Protected Feed Fat For Dairy Cattle

Tristar 100 is a high energy supplementary feed fat. It is produced from 100% fully refined palm oil fractions which are non-hydrogenated and are free from trans- fatty acids. (TFA) Tristar 100 is ideal for adding to the feed rations of ruminants to boost energy intake and milk yield.

High yielding dairy cows have high energy demand but low appetite during the first 100 days lactation. Supplementary feeding with Tristar 100 will enhance milk production, and avoid energy deficiency.

Tristar 300: Feed Fat For Mono-Gastrics (with Lecithin)

Tristar 300 is a highly concentrated supplementary source of energy and fat. It is produced from 100% refined, non-hydrogenated palm oil fraction and is free from Trans Fatty Acids (TFA). It is highly palatable and is designed to improve feed conversation ratio (FCR).


Palm Kernel Expeller can be supplied in 50 kg bags or in 1000 kg Jumbo Bags.

Feed Fats are supplied in 25kg Paper Bags.

Please enquire further with us for your specific packing requirements.

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