The Bakery ingredients we supply are listed below.

These products can be supplied to a range of specifications that reflect the many different types of product applications.

Please contact us for more information about product specifications and applications.


We supply a wide range of shortening products with melting points and formulations suitable for a variety of applications. Typically bland in taste and whitish in appearance, these products are naturally cholesterol free and if not hydrogenated contain virtually zero trans fats. Slip melting points range from 33° to 52° Celsius.

Emulsifiers and other agents can be added on request.


Our Margarine range supports a wide variety of baking and cooking applications including sandwich making. Our margarines are typically yellowish in colour and bland in taste, they are naturally cholesterol-free and virtually trans-fat free. Various slip melting points and solid fat contents are available. Specific products are available for puff or croissant type pastry.

Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is derived from shredded fresh coconut meat, it’s delicious crunchy and fibrous texture makes it a must ingredient or topping for many types of cakes or confectionery products.

Desiccated Coconut is available with low and high fat varieties and fine, medium and coarse grades.

Coconut Milk Powder

Perfect for baking and instant mixes, our water soluble coconut cream powder comes with a fine powdery texture and has an irresistibly rich aroma of coconut. Add to cooking and baking for an extra dose of delight. Adjust ratio of water to powder for desired consistency.

Cocoa Butter Substitutes and Equivalents

Cocoa Butter Substitutes and Equivalents are available with a wide range of slip melting points and solid fat content ranges to suit various applications including use as fillings, toppings, coatings and also for use in bar chocolate.

Dairy Fat Replacers and Ice Cream Fat

We have multiple products to suit many different needs, please let us know your application.


Please enquire further with us for your specific packing requirements.

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