We offer a range of frying oils and fats, these include below.

RBD Palm Oil

RBD Palm Oil is refined, bleached and deodorised Crude Palm Oil. RBD Palm Oil can be used for a range of food applications and is a truly excellent Frying Medium. In most regions of the world because of its melting range, it will either be solid or semi solid. Very often it is supplied in the form of shortening, see below.

Palm Shortening

Palm shortening is RBD Palm Oil which has undergone various degrees of fractionation and an additional process called votating (recrystallization, melting and freezing). This product is great for frying but it is also used extensively in baking.

The product is solid and we can supply in carton sizes of 12.5, 15, 20 and 25 kg.

RBD Palm Olein

This product is fractionated from RBD Palm Oil and is liquid above 24°C. We supply this product to many markets around the world. It is predominantly used for frying and is available both as a Standard Olein and as a Super Olein.

Super Olein is standard Olein which has been further fractionated to reduce its melting point and increase the clarity of the oil at lower temperature. Both oils are fantastic frying mediums, with long frying life and high smoke point, both are suitable for shallow and deep frying.

Super Olein is often packed in PET bottle for the consumer market whilst Standard Olein is packed in Jerry Can or Tin for the catering market and IBC or Flexi-Bag for use by food manufactures.

Contact us for packaging and cloud point options.

RBD Palm Kernel Olein

This is the liquid fraction of Refined, Bleached and Deodorised Palm Kernel Oil. This comes from the kernel in the middle of the palm fruit. We supply this product to various countries. Our own kitchen trials indicate great results. It is a substitute for customers who enjoy cooking with coconut oil.

RBD Coconut Oil

A traditional favourite for frying in many Asian cuisines.
Various packaging options apply including PET bottle, Jerry Can, Flexibag, ISO tank, Tin and Steel Drums.


Typically the products above function extremely well without additives. However to extend frying life the products mentioned above can be supplied with anti-oxidants.

Packaging and specification options

Contact us for further information on product specifications and packaging options.

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