Bakery & Confectionery Products

The Bakery ingredients we supply are listed below. These products can be supplied to a range of specifications that reflect the many different types of product applications. Please contact us for more information about product specifications and applications. Shortening We supply a wide range of Shortening products with melting points and formulations suitable for a

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Your Choices For Frying

We offer a range of frying oils and fats, these include below. RBD Palm Oil RBD Palm Oil is refined, bleached and deodorised Crude Palm Oil. RBD Palm Oil can be used for a range of food applications and is a truly excellent Frying Medium. In most regions of the world because of its melting

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Our coconut products include: Crude Coconut Oil FFA ranging from 1% – 5% Packings available in Flexi bags, New Steel Drums, ISO tanks, Jerry Cans and Tins. RBD Coconut Oil RBD Coconut Oil has multiple applications including frying. Packings available include PET Bottle, Bag in Box, Jerry Can, Flexi-bag, Tins and Steel drums. Virgin Coconut

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