Palm Oil / Lauric / Oleo Chemical Products

Our basic or standard products are listed below, we supply these as per PORAM & MEOMA Standard Specifications in either bulk or industrial type packaging and where appropriate in consumer or caterer sized packaging. PORAM is the initials of the Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia, this is the representative Palm Oil body of the industry in Malaysia and MEOMA is the initials of Malaysian Edible Oil Manufacturing Association is the representative body for Lauric Products.

  1. RBD Palm Oil
  2. RBD Palm Olein (various IVs and cloud points are available)
  3. RBD Palm Stearin
  4. RBD Palm kernel Oil
  5. RBD Palm Kernel Olein
  6. RBD Palm Kernel Stearin
  7. PFAD
  8. PKFAD
  9. CFAD
  10. Shortening
  11. Margarine
  12. Crude Coconut Oil
  13. RBD Coconut Oil
  14. Specialty Fats
  15. Oleochemical Products

Functional Products

The standard products listed above can also be supplied in hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated forms and can also be further fractionated and recrystallized and subjected to other physical and chemical processes. These versions can either be used singularly or in blends to produce various functional edible fats or alternatively can be used as raw materials for the Oleo Chemical, Soap and Candle Industries.

The degree of fractionation and hydrogenation will greatly affect physical properties such as slip melting point and the solid fat contents.

Please see, the Edible and Non Edible Sections of this website for further information.


Our main packagings for the above products are.

  1. PET Bottle (Palm Olein / Coconut Oil)
  2. Jerry Can or Tin
  3. Bag in Box and Carton
  4. Drum (Steel/HDPE)
  5. Flexi-bag
  6. ISO tank

Please contact us for specification and packaging options.