Product Quality and Food Safety are key priorities for Tristar Global Sdn Bhd.

Tristar Global Sdn Bhd recognizes that it is part of a “Global Supply Chain”. As such we understand and appreciate the importance of working in accordance with globally recognized third party product and company certification schemes.

Tristar Global Sdn Bhd is certified to ISO 9001 and operates its business in accordance with documented Quality Management System procedures designed to protect and assure both ourselves and our customers.

These procedures cover both internal and external activities including selection and management of our suppliers and the testing of the products we supply. Our systems also facilitate the full traceability of all our shipments.

In addition to its own in house controls Tristar Global Sdn Bhd also appoints globally recognized third party Quality Surveyors and Laboratories to inspect and test our product and verify that all criteria have been complied with.

Further Certifications

In addition to ISO 9001 and RSPO supply chain certification Tristar Global Sdn Bhd is working towards BRC certification.

Announcements will be made in the near future.